Connect MikroTik to an open WiFi network and provide Internet over LAN and WLAN

Read our tutorial to find out how to set up a network, where you can assign and manage your local IP addresses and connect it to public WiFi for internet access.

During Diffusion hackathon 2019 in Berlin, we’ve built a project that heavily relied on all devices being in one physical network where we could assign and manage their IPs. The hackathon’s venue had excellent WiFi coverage but — for obvious reasons — we were unable to access the network’s management interface. So we decided to set up our own private LAN/WLAN using a MikroTik Router. Our goal was to go from this:

to this:

The idea was simple. Why not take one of the wireless interfaces and use it to connect to the on-premise WiFi network? All that we had to do was:

  • De-assign ether1 as WAN interface and assign it to the bridge
  • Turn one of the wireless interfaces into a WAN interface and connect it to an existing wireless network.

Check out our short guide if you are looking for a similar solution for a short term use case.

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