What skills should DevOps engineer have?

In the last article, we described what DevOps is. Are you wondering if this is a career path for you or looking for a proper candidate? Our team has prepared a material that will show the backstage of this work and essential skills to be a DevOps Engineer.

Requirements for a good DevOps Engineer should be related to the organization and ongoing project specificity. So there is no one right answer, but we can present to you how it works in DAC. What background is needed to build cloud-scale microservices and designing IoT solutions for integration with the cloud in our projects?

The perfect candidate

What characteristics should DevOps Engineer have? In our company, as in many other companies, we appreciate the versatility. We work in a team of many specialists on various competencies. To be the best at this job, DevOps Engineer needs to be aware of the entire process. Therefore programming skills are a great advantage. Using this knowledge in every project isn’t necessary, but it gives a broader perspective and new opportunities. It opens many paths to work on diverse and exciting projects. 

An essential quality of DevOps Engineers is continuous learning. The urge for further self-development is crucial to keep all specialists from going out of business. Therefore, continuous improvement of qualifications is vital in this job. The technological landscape evolves dynamically, and a valuable DevOps Engineer always knows the best solution for the most complex problems and the right tools to use. Familiarity with the newest, available stacks for building, monitoring, and automation of applications under development is a must. 

Complex projects require cooperation. The common goal is fundamental, so attitude is very important. All teammates are counting on DevOps Engineer’s experience and knowledge and support with what needs to be done at the moment. Flexibility and interdisciplinarity will always pay off.

A good Devops Engineer can save a lot of money on your project. Programmers tend to do something that is already ready. They know their work environment very well, but are not familiar with some ready-made DevOps solutions that may work “out of the box”. The knowledge of DevOps Engineer is therefore very important at the system design stage. – Adrian Nicoś, Solution Architect.

DevOps Engineer is a team role, not a title

In addition to the right approach, right skills are needed as well. Good DevOps Engineer must know what to do. To consider this career path, Docker, Kubernetes, Python, Shell, and Git are necessary. Knowledge of AWS and Ansible will be a plus in the projects we work on. Basic knowledge of Java, SQL, or MongoDB will be helpful in many projects. Of course, problem-solving and proactivity are as crucial as the entire technology stack.

The most desirable DevOps Engineer can have a high-level overview of each project. It gives a chance to oversee possible bottlenecks and prevent future application failures. Someone working as DevOps Engineer needs to have excellent planning skills and a unique ability to think ahead. Well-planned development brings value to the company. Shortening the systems development cycle and providing continuous delivery saves time and money and makes our clients happy.

“Excellent DevOps Managers must have nerves of steel combined with a broad understanding of cloud, on premise or hybrid technologies and respective tools at their disposal. Much like a great chef, they should be able to pick just the right ingredients to make things work without making it too pricey. When things run smooth, they remain unnoticed. But in fact they’re one of the most important members of the team” – Krzysztof Radecki, CTO.


DevOps Engineer is a role that needs to be adapted to the needs of the company and may differ in each organization. However, the flexibility and the desire to further develop and expand knowledge are the qualities that distinguish the best specialists in this position.

Are you interested in implementing a DevOps strategy in your organization or looking for DevOps Engineer for your project? Feel free to contact us.

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