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Custom Blockchain

  • Decentralized Applications (dApps)
  • Software & hardware wallets
  • Enterprise infrastructure deployment
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  • Blockchain use-case identification
  • Choosing the right platform
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Industries we serve
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  • Logistics
  • Internet of things
  • Manufacturing
  • FinTech/InsurTech/RegTech

Blockchain technologies

The advantages of blockchain include transparency, security, or improved record-keeping, making it a perfect solution for many industries. Distributed Ledger Technologies allow data accumulation from multiple providers into a single immutable, secured, and validated database. Data on the blockchain ledger cannot be altered – they are secured by cryptography, which would prevent any unauthorized modifications. 

This technology allows smart contracts for the execution of control and operational processes to the standardized workflow. That to that, blockchain supports automation, reduces costs of procedures, and increases decision-making speed. Limiting human input allows to minimize the risks of mistakes or fraud and increase efficiency by reducing the need for manual oversight.

Our team

Our experienced software developers will help you to take advantage of using blockchain in your company. DAC development team has unique experience in delivering blockchain solutions for insurance, banking, critical infrastructure monitoring, or logistics. Our expertise includes smart contracts, data notarization, IoT data authentication, and many other applications of distributed ledger technologies. 

We follow a solid strategy of delivering solutions with a blockchain layer hidden behind user-friendly and simple interfaces. With our solutions, you do not need a blockchain expert on board. All our blockchain implementations do not require costly infrastructure changes and are deployed with data privacy and ownership in mind. 

We provide free workshops of discovery to customers interested in blockchain solutions. Our team will help you identify the right solution and will draft a roadmap to your technological goals. 

open street map freight monitoring software

Our latest DLT experience

Returnable packaging balancing

We designed decentralized IT infrastructure for smart balancing of returnable packaging designed with privacy to serve the entire logistics ecosystem. Business relations and dependencies between other participants remain undisclosed within the ecosystem.  

Hardware wallet for improved security

Application of an ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 compliant card for hardware-enhanced, ultra-secure transaction signing across several compatible distributed ledgers. This solution is based on Blockchain Security 2 Go smart card by Infineon.

Safe data sharing for Marketplaces and intermediaries

Ocean Protocol enables a safe and secure sharing of data and services to fuel the advancement of AI development. DAC team supported the development of core features while working directly as part of the core dev team.


Global spendings on blockchain solutions in 2020 were $4,1 bln, and it is estimated that annual savings in the healthcare industry can reach $100 bln by 2025, thanks to blockchain.

data storage security

30% – this is how much costs of banks’ infrastructure costs can be reduced by blockchain

big data

90% of banks in the USA and Europe had started exploring blockchain’s potential by 2018

Business Intelligence applications

$334 mln – amount allocated for blockchain technology in 2018 by the manufacturing and resources sector

Blockchain in Transport, Shipping and Logistics

Our team has extensive experience in implementing blockchain technologies in various industries. We have prepared information material about blockchain adoption in the transport, logistics, and logistics industry (TLS). Decreasing administrative costs, improving trust and transparency, or minimizing the time for transport payment and dispute resolution are just a few examples of areas that can be impacted by blockchain.

Check out our paper to read a brief history of blockchain technology, examples of smart contract applications in transport, logistics, shipping, and an industry-specific implementation roadmap.

Read more about blockchain in transport, shipping and logistics

Technology stack

We develop, maintain and evaluate blockchain related products for various industries to increase security and trust, reduce complexity and improve traceability. Use the potential of this technology in real-world applications with help of our the experts in distributed ledger technologies. –  Krzysztof Radecki, CTO.

Request a free workshop of discovery to make sure we’re a good fit for your organization.

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blockchain for logistics

Blockchain Oracles in TSL Industry

With a single shipment oftentimes involving over 20 parties with roughly 200 interactions between them, there are numerous dishonest behavior opportunities.

Read our case study

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