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  • Big Data and Cloud Solutions
  • SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Data Integration
  • AI and Machine Learning
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  • Data warehousing
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Data analysis
  • Predictive modeling
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  • IoT data collection and analysis
  • Data cleansing and conforming
  • Blockchain-enabled data trust
  • Artificial intelligence training
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Hybrid data

  • Seamless data access & analysis
  • Structured, semi-structured, unstructured data processing
  • On-premise, public or private cloud, or hybrid data storage

Data management

Efficient and quick access to data is crucial in many sectors. Data management includes collecting, storing, organizing, protecting, verifying, and processing essential data. Optimizing your data management solutions can lead to the growth of your business. It will help you protect the information, reduce their loss, enable easy data sharing, and reduce costs.

Big Data is a strategic asset for more and more companies, affecting their decision-making processes and helping with decision-making. Use custom software to unlock the full potential of Big Data.  Use transactional data into valuable information to improve your offer and take care of customer satisfaction. Track your stock, production, and supply chain to estimate demand, needed inventory, and predict concerning events. Simplify your data management to minimize mistakes and increase productivity.

If you want to share your data with a broader audience as Open Data, we will help you create a transparent and easy-to-use tool. Open data is a commonly used communication method between public entities and society, which builds a positive image, inspires residents’ trust, and supports social initiatives. Implementing the open data program allows you to make better decisions, increase their transparency, and improve residents’ quality of life. The open data market size is estimated at €184 billion and forecast to reach between €199.51 and €334.21 billion in 2025.

Our team

Our company provides custom data management software for data protection and storage. Custom-made solutions are a tool for operational work as well as making long-term strategic decisions. We ensure your company data accessibility and timeliness with products fitted to your needs. Check out our experience in this topic and use the full potential of data with a perfect solution.

Connect MikroTik to an open WiFi network and provide Internet over LAN and WLAN

Public Data Accessible to Each Citizen

Our open data platform is a part of the TRISTAR system that allows controlling traffic in automatic mode throughout the entire Tri-City (Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot) through technologies in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The City Transport Authority in Gdańsk from May 2017 makes its IT data available also to programmers. Specialists in public transport management share data they use in their everyday work and count on its new, creative use.

The open data platform offers access to two categories of data: static and near real-time. The static data change relatively rarely and includes, for example, timetables, a list of routes, and stops. You can find estimated arrival times for each stop in Gdansk or current messages placed on the stop tables in the near real-time data set. The City gives programmers also free access to data generated by GPS devices mounted on trams and buses. Thanks to this, the created applications can generate information about possible delays or detours. 


Data is the foundation of a business for correct decisions and actions. Accurate and relevant data can help in the growth of the organization. Global business spend on first-party data management, processes, and integration in 2019 was about $5.5 billion.

data storage security

$600 billion – the cost of problems with keeping data up to date  per year

big data

$3.1 trillion – estimated costs of data quality issues for the US economy per year

Business Intelligence applications

€184,45 billion – the value of the Open Data market in Europe

Management of you data is a key to have a complete view on your customers, company and the market to unlock its potential for an organization. Our team can help you to increase transparency of information, optimize processes, drive better outcomes and make well-informed business decisions by creating and implementing an efficient data management process. –  Krzysztof Radecki, CTO.

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Technology stack

Application examples

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Implement data management for logistics and management of transportation resources in your company and include the use of advanced optimization algorithms, integration of onboard systems with IoT, and real-time monitoring of transport-related activities to support managing vehicle fleets and transport personnel.


Smart City

Use Big Data to manage public transport. Information about example timetables, routes and stops, and real-time data set can help estimate arrival times and generate information about possible delays or detours.

big data


Big data in manufacturing can include data collected at every production stage, including data from all machines and devices and operators. Use collected information to predict maintenance and quality, detect anomalies, and manage the supply chain.

product environmental footprint data analytics

Product Environmental Footprint

The PEF-DST aims to present the PEF results for farmers and milk transportation. The PEF-DST provides an end-user interface with clean, consistent, and personalized dashboards. The tool also provides customized enterprise reporting capabilities for the DSC participants.

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