Meeting European Industry Leaders at ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2019

Last week Amsterdam became a meeting point for the R&I actors from all over Europe. Members of the ARTEMIS Industry Association met at the ARTEMIS Technology Conference (ATC) on 16-17 April.

During the 2-day event, participants took part in technological discussions, focusing on the challenges that need solutions in the coming years in Embedded Intelligence. The conference programme also focused on business and research opportunities in Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Digital Platforms in various industries – from automotive to healthcare.

However, ARTEMIS-IA members go beyond internal projects and work together to meet the challenges of the modern industry and society. Embedded & Cyber-Physical systems are crucial in the upcoming industrial revolution and ARTEMIS community will play a significant role in European R&D&I ecosystem to bring maximum value to EU companies and citizens.

Mateusz Bonecki, Chief Innovation Officer at DAC, speaking about hardware security modules used to develop trusted blockchain oracles at ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2019.

With industry leaders like Volvo, Daimler, Airbus, GE Global Research, Nokia, Philips or Siemens as members, the Association brings to the global digitalization table knowledge and experience which would be very difficult to get for European SMEs on their own.

Participation in ARTEMIS events brings us close to the real problems and needs of companies at each stage of the value chain. The more we learn about their challenges, the more significant impact we may have on the global industry digitalization – comments Dr Mateusz Bonecki, Chief Innovation Officer at DAC.

ARTEMIS Industry Association is a membership organisation with about 200 members and associates from all over Europe. The Association strives for a leading position in Europe in Embedded Intelligence. 

As a private partner in ECSEL Joint Undertaking, ARTEMIS-IA supports the formation of consortia and initiation of project proposals for joint collaboration and creates the meeting place where key industry players and other R&I actors identify strategic high priority topics for collaborative R&I projects.  

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