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IoT Integration Platform

IoT Integration Platform has been deployed to interface 20,000+ sensors monitoring traffic lights and road infrastructure. Design and implementation of a wide-scale, resilient solution that provides monitoring and management capabilities for a narrow spectrum of ITS related devices (10-20 class of devices) in a mass scale distributed manner (20+ thousand actual devices).

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Enterprise Integration

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The company provides maintenance and installation services in the field of construction and modernization of power installations, telecommunications systems and fiber-optic networks. Eldro deals in the design, implementation and integration of security systems and the implementation of projects in the field of automation.


The company was looking for solutions to the following problems:

  • the need for servicing with many geographically dispersed traffic lights devices,
  • high maintenance readiness costs,
  • the need to meet demanding SLA conditions,
  • high implementation costs in the new service contract,
  • technologically diverse lighting control devices – the need to support various protocols,
  • the obligation to provide a preview of the service process to the infrastructure owner.


We have provided Eldro with a wide range of solutions clustered into the comprehensive and easy to operate platform, including:

  • solution architecture ensuring stable system operation with a massive number of devices,
  • dedicated system of service requests management limiting the time and costs associated with the implementation of requests,
  • auto-classification of service requests by connecting various types of traffic lights controllers,
  • creating a useful interface to review the process of implementation,
  • creating a mobile application for service teams to accelerate and optimize the processing of applications.
IoT data collection analysis alerts sensors


Cooperation with Eldro involved creating the system from scratch – from the concept to the implementation of full functionality. Despite the production team, we also appointed a Product Owner, who oversees the process of creating requirements and specification. The project involved creating an interface design. Therefore a UX Specialist was involved. Due to the specificity of the market, the project did not end in a single product but is still subject to development and changes.


PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Java11, Angular6, Docker, Kafka, Keycloak, WebFlux-Reactive Spring, Kubernetes


The Company share the following improvements has been observed after implementation of our solutions:

  • the possibility of appearing in new tenders in new areas marketers not yet available
  • reduction of the costs of handling the contract
  • inclusion of costs related to contractual penalties for failure to comply with SLA conditions


The people with whom we had the opportunity to work have a huge knowledge about IoT projects, so we were able to quickly create the scope of a platform that will be stable and will help us achieve all our business goals.  The project is still being developed and as long as we decide to further develop our system, we will cooperate with DAC.

– Paweł Piechowiak, President of the Management Board of Eldro Technologie

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