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  • Business digitization
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Product Management
  • Emerging technologies implementation
technology consulting product management

Future-proof apps

  • Integration-ready
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Microservices-based
  • App management standarization
microservices application development

Digital Transformation

  • Intelligent platforms
  • Cloud
  • Resilience & security
  • Application integration
Business digitization Enterprise Integration Product Management Emerging technologies implementation

Software Consulting

  • Project launch consulting
  • Development process consulting
  • Enhancement and integration consulting
  • Software compliance consulting

Technology consulting

Technology is evolving all the time. Understanding the potential of IT is the first step to success. Today’s world is more and more digital and based on advanced IT solutions. Companies need to change to grow and meet customer’s expectations constantly. We provide high-end technology consulting services to help them understand the nature of progressing changes. 

However, we know that with implementing IT into every aspect of operations, there also come challenges. Ensuring safety, fitting it to existing infrastructure, and meeting all needs is possible only with a well-executed strategy. Finding the right technology partner is important to achieve your business goals. Solve your problems using our expertise and experience.

Like any other sector, the technology consulting industry changed many times over the past few years. Looking into the future, we can definitely point some IT trends that will affect technology consulting. Internet of Things, edge computing, blockchain technology, and Artificial Intelligence will be part of their ongoing transformation.

Our team

Use the expertise of our team to find the best tech solution for your business problems. We are here to help you with our deep tech background and expertise to create an IT strategy for your company’s digital transformation. 

We will help you discover your needs, create a digital transformation strategy, and advise in implementing. Automate processes, digitalize operations, optimize your solution, and use technology efficiently to maximize opportunities.

A strategic overview of DevOps methodology

Understanding a potential of information technology is a key to a business success. Our experienced team can help you with the right technology strategy to develop the solution for your business. We will support you in a successful transformation of your company to improve processes, manage risks, reduce costs and maximize profits. –  Krzysztof Radecki, CTO.

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IT consulting focuses on advising organizations on the best way to use IT solutions to achieve their business goals. Consulting companies provide expertise and experience, help with optimization and implementation of the software. They are responsible for writing, testing, and supporting custom software, planning and designing integrated hardware, software, communication infrastructure, and on-site management of computer systems and data processing facilities.

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Integration services, app design, and development account for approximately 25% of the industry

big data

The market for IT and technology consulting is approximately 20% of the overall consulting market

Business Intelligence applications

The technology consulting industry is estimated to be worth $460 billion and employ more than 2,3 million people in the United States alone.

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Top IT Services Poland 2020

We’re happy to be named as a leading provider of emerging technologies by Clutch. Clutch’s 2020 research says that we’re one of the top IoT developers in Poland. As a developer of emerging technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and supply chain solutions, we see firsthand what a great impact emerging technologies can have on businesses. We are proud to be part of a growing sector of development.

If you have any emerging technologies or transportation software needs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Technology stack

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Digital Product Footprint

The main goal has been achieved: a working prototype that demonstrates the performance of Product Lifecycle Management. The development of a functional demonstrator was crucial for the further development of the project.

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Bartosz Dąbrowski

Feel free to contact me directly in case of any questions about your project estimation.

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